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Android App Can Hijack Web Sessions over Protected Wireless Networks

A new Android app makes hijacking other people’s Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Amazon sessions a breeze over private or open wireless networks.

Called FaceNiff, the app is the work of a Polish programmer named Bartosz Ponurkiewicz and was apparently released on his website in mid-May.

“It is possible to hijack sessions only when WiFi is not using EAP, but it should work over any private networks (Open/WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK),” the developer writes.

FaceNiff requires root access on the phone in order to work properly. Root (admin) access is not enabled by default on most devices, but there are many tutorials and tools available to obtain it.

So far, the app can hijack sessions for FaceBook, Twitter, Youtube, Amazon and Nasza-Klasa, a Polish social networking service. It has been confirmed to work on HTC Desire CM7 (CyanogenMod 7), Original Droid/Milestone CM7, SE Xperia X10, Samsung Galaxy S, Nexus 1 CM7, HTC HD2, LG Swift 2X, LG Optimus Black – original rom, LG Optimus 3D – original rom, Samsung Infuse.


Majority of Android Devices Vulnerable to Session Hijacking Attacks

Security researchers have discovered a vulnerability in Google’s ClientLogin authentication protocol which allows potential attackers to execute session hijacking attacks against Android users.

The security hole was identified by researchers from the Institute of Media Informatics of the University of Ulm in Germany and builds on the findings of Rice University professor Dan Wallach.

In February, Mr. Wallach discovered that many Android applications sent data in clear form, a problem on unsecured wireless networks where attackers can freely sniff out traffic.


Skype di Android Rentan Disusupi Program Jahat

Pengguna Skype yang ada di Android harus ekstra waspada. Berdasar temuan terbaru, aplikasi VoIP dan Video Chat tersebut rentan disusupi program jahat yang bisa mencuri data pribadi pengguna.

Bayangkan saja jika seluruh data pribadi seperti nomor dan password rekening kartu kredit yang tersimpan di ponsel Android berhasil dicuri, ketika membuka Skype.

Seperti dikutip detikINET dari engadget, Minggu (17/4/2011), ternyata program jahat tersebut menyusup melalui file chatting log pada Skype. Diketahui program jahat yang menyusup tersebut memiliki file database SQLite3.

Semoga pihak Skype segera menutup ‘lubang’ ini, dengan melakukan enkripsi file tersebut, agar tidak bisa diakses beberapa orang. Dengan meningkatnya jumlah pengguna Android, tampaknya makin banyak pelaku kejahatan cyber yang mengincarnya.

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OpenFeint Launches 14 New Android Games

OpenFeint users who own mobile phones running under Google’s Android operating system have now at their disposal 14 games that the company has just announced as being put on download via the Android Market. According to the company, the new launch is a clear indicator of its aim at making as many appealing games available for the Android platform. The company’s commitment to this was already proven in certain circumstances, as OpenFeint partnered with AT&T to bring its cross-platform social gaming network to the carrier’s Android devices.

“At the end of the day, I should be able to destroy my brother’s high score in Fruit Ninja, whether I’m on my iPad or Droid X,” says OpenFeint’s CEO, Jason Citron. “Gamers and developers agree and want to use OpenFeint for this reason.”

Recently, the company announced a partnership with The9 and the $100 million Fund9 for offering iOS developers the possibility to bring their games to Android.


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