OpenFeint Launches 14 New Android Games

OpenFeint users who own mobile phones running under Google’s Android operating system have now at their disposal 14 games that the company has just announced as being put on download via the Android Market.

According to the company, the new launch is a clear indicator of its aim at making as many appealing games available for the Android platform.
The company’s commitment to this was already proven in certain circumstances, as OpenFeint partnered with AT&T to bring its cross-platform social gaming network to the carrier’s Android devices.

“At the end of the day, I should be able to destroy my brother’s high score in Fruit Ninja, whether I’m on my iPad or Droid X,” says OpenFeint’s CEO, Jason Citron. “Gamers and developers agree and want to use OpenFeint for this reason.”

Recently, the company announced a partnership with The9 and the $100 million Fund9 for offering iOS developers the possibility to bring their games to Android.

At the moment, OpenFeint offers a number of 315 games for Android devices, 215 of which have been added in the past five months or so.

The new titles that the company made available for Android users would include:

Can Knockdown: 2 Infinite Dreams
Doodle Bowling: GameResort
Grave Defense Silver Free: Art of Bytes
Guerrilla Bob: Angry Mob Games
Meganoid: Orange Pixel
Ninja Rush Deluxe: Feelingtouch Inc.
Pyxidis: Hyperbees Ltd.
Return Zero (BETA): We came from Mars
Snail Mail for Android: Sandlot Games
Speedx 3D free&full: Hyperbees Ltd.
Stellar Escape: Orange Agenda
Stupid Zombies: GameResort
World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend: Glu
Tank Hero: Clapfoot Games

These games made it to the Android Market during the month of March, and many other games are expected to become available through the software in the not too far future.

According to the company, Android would continue to grow mainly due to the fact that more and more developers discover the platform and are attracted to coming up with applications for it.

“At first, indie game developers chose iOS because it was the easiest way to distribute their games,” says OpenFeint’s VP of Marketing, Eros Resmini.

“As Google has improved the Android Marketplace and we’ve introduced game discovery and porting opportunities with AT&T and The9, iOS developers are more and more interested in Android.”

OpenFeint has over 73 million users in 214 countries around the world, and says that North America accounts for its largest audience, though the network is currently increasing its presence in Asia too.

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